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The Newest in Email Invites

August 31, 2008

Do you remember you had the time to make special cards for the loved ones in your life?  For those who still have a craft table and supplies, I am eternally envious.  For all those creative types with no time to customize their invitations, log into www.purpletrail.com to see if this might be a great substitute for the doiley and construction paper bifold.  

This site offers a quick and easy way to send customized email invitations free.  It has the potential to change the way you do business, invite friends and keep in touch.  While most use this as a party planning tool, I think this would be a great way to track seminar or workshop attendees. 

This event planning evite is a little more robust than its competitor www.evite.com.  These features include event access everywhere, including your mobile phone.  It has tracking and management, hundreds of invite designs and themes to personalize your invite. Also included is a rich desktop application and a consensus building tool (to make it easier to coordinate a time and place amongst busy people).  What a relief not to have to try to coordinate schedules and sort out who said what last in the chain email snafu. 

The site is user friendly, but the sending part can be a bit tricky.  Oh, the feature I most like is uploading my own digital photo to create a very personalized invitation.   I liked it so much that I attempted to create and email a card to a single person.  It didn’t delete the When and Where type on the card, so bear that in mind, you creative types, when you want to do something totally out of the party event realm.

Remember this evite tool when you are ready to hold a book signing party.

  1. September 1, 2008 at 3:49 am

    Hi Cori,

    Thanks for the write up on PurpleTrail. I am part of the product team here at PurpleTrail and appreciate your feedback.

    You mentioned that you were not very comfortable with the sending invites interface. It will be great if you can give us a few more cues on how to improve it. We will address your concerns right away.

    Also have made note of your point around sending ecards and other communication that does not require place and time fields. You shall see the changes reflected on PurpleTrail very soon.

    We are committed to making PurpleTrail a world class service and promise to act on your feedback at the earliest. Thanks once again for your encouragement.

    Anuj Khurana,
    Director Products,

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