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September 26, 2008

It isn’t enough that we are faced with the worst economic conditions since the Depression in 1929, but now we have to think about clickjacking.  Your probably haven’t a clue what clickjacking is, because I didn’t know either until a few hours ago.

Clickjacking is when someone uses a malicious webpage as an entrance into another’s computer to take control of the links that the victim has visited without his or her knowledge.  All desktop platforms seem to be vulnerable — internet explorer, firefox, Mozilla, Apple Safari, Opera and Adobe Flash.  I found this information on a ZDNET blog.


It’s scary that the brightest and best software engineers have been working on developing a patch and haven’t come up with anything yet.  But it is even scarier to think that anyone could come in your computer (your life in a box) and steal your identity, know your preferences, discover who you talk to.

How many of us use online banking?  Are secure pages going to stay secure if the clickjacker can access any link that is stored on my computer?  Are these clickjackers doing this for fun or are they serious thieves?  Government, hospital, and military records would be vulnerable to penetration.  This, coupled with our current economic conundrums, could really send the world in an economic tailspin.

On the bright side, I have confidence that the software engineers will find answers.  Somehow we always manage to pull it out.

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