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Manuscript Submission Tracking Template

February 12, 2009

If you are like me, you will send out one inquiry or submission and think you will remember when you did it.  After all, it is only a handful.  How could you forget the details of something you are so passionate about?

It is easy.  Forgetting is easy.  So, to avoid having to perform agonizing mental gymnastics, I put together a template to track submissions or any other related task for that matter. 

It includes not only the date sent, but the response date.   Contact information comes in handy too.

I posted this as one of the pages on the right side of this blog, because I didn’t see a function that would permit me to link directly to the document…so, in order to view the manuscript submission template, look to the right of the screen under the category:  Template. 

Check it out. Hopefully, this will work for you.

Manuscript Submission Tracking Template

  1. Charles
    February 16, 2009 at 10:38 am

    If you’re looking for a more full-featured way to keep track of your submissions, consider the Writer’s Database:

    It’s a free web-based application, and in addition to submission tracking, it allows you to keep track of market listings, queries you’ve sent, manuscripts and word counts produced over time. You can even browse the shared market listings of other users on the site.

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