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Metatags: How to pick the best keywords

For those who don’t know what metatags are, here’s my simple definition.  Metatags are words that help search engines find your site, text, or video.  When you post your site, text or video, there is often a box where you can add metatag words separated by a comma.  So, how do you know what words to list?

fortune-cookieFor years most of us just put whatever buzz words were contained in the copy or words that described the bigger picture.  It was a hit or miss proposition, but since there is no limit on the metatags you can add, you just use your imagination and list every word that you think relates.  I just discovered a better way to get targeted results and erase the guessing.

On Google Adwords, there is a keyword tool.  You type in the word you think best describes your site, passage, etc., copy the validation code in the box (this is to get around bots using the site), and click Get Key Words.  Up will pop a list of key words and the number of hits.  If you select the more popular key words, there is a high likelihood that your site will generate more traffic. 

Here it is:


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