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Future of Writing Opportunities

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently, I bought a NOOK for my mother.  I was thinking about the direction of book publishing—wondering if we are knocking on the door of the Jetson’s lifestyle.  For those who have spent years commuting on public transportation know the weight of carrying a book around all day, of reading a newspaper without annoying people seated next to you every time you turned a page, and unable to read in dim light.  Yes, the e-reader makes reading more convenient.

If we accept that assumption, can we also assume that if e-readers gain popularity, especially in the schools (texts are more affordable on the e-reader), then the next generation encouraged and nurtured to read, will start a real surge in demand for good writers?  Are we writers going to be able to find our place in the publishing world with more ease, because the demand is higher?

Time will tell which direction and opportunities will be available to us through technological advances.  A few years ago, commentaries on the future of book publishing nervously predicted the end of the hard copy book.  I remember thinking afterward that a writer’s life will probably get harder with fewer publishers.  Life is interesting in that the 90’s gloom of the unknown have evolved in the expansion of more opportunities, not less.

After the 90’s, we witnessed the emergence of new writing opportunities for the web.  Even web development has spawned specialty writers, not only based on subject matter, but also in technological expertise.  New occupations have sprung up .  We now have blog writers, website copy writers, e-newsletter writers, e-magazine writers, and web ad copy.  There are video writers for the streaming video spots. Writers can publish online and can advertise their articles, books, etc in ads, and on other people’s online blogs.  Promoting one’s writing has never been easier.

Technology also has made publishing less expensive with computer editing and printing on demand.  Publisherz can print a modest first run and produce more copies when needed.  

Writers who know their craft are positioning themselves for the greatest jump in their careers.  It is coming.  Will you be ready?


Book Trends

June 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Some predict that the recent surge in gas prices will force publishing to be more choosey about what they publish.  I’m not tapped in.  Maybe they are already.  We can see the increase in food and clothing prices, but have we noticed an increase in hardbound books?  Paperbacks?

It stands to reason that if delivery costs the booksellers more, then this cost will be passed to the consumer.  Will the consumer be willing to pay $30 to read a first time novelist?  Pretty expensive for an iffy read.

Looming gas prices will pressure people to purchase e-books.  While there is something awkward and less satisfying about reading a book on your computer or  on a handheld telecommunication device, the electronic version is the obvious solution to cost. 

However, I don’t think the pleasure of holding a new book and experiencing the anticipation of delving into a good read will disappear. 

Here’s a thought.  Can you imagine reading a book on a 60″ plasma tv while sitting on the couch and pressing the remote to turn pages?  After all, you could probably adjust the text size, change the font, color and whatever else.  At least you may not have  to look around the house for your glasses.