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September 6, 2008 Leave a comment

We have all cursed at our computers.  Crashes, printer disconnects, log on issues, and the list is endless.
If you have any tech knowledge at all (and how can you avoid absorbing some things when evidence of the digital age is everywhere), has good articles and reviews on everything computer. 

The other site which is informative is Kim Komando’s site.  If you can ignore all the surrounding things for sale, her information is solid.  She recaps what is going on in the IT world and offers interesting free downloads.  You should certainly check it out.  This site is not as tech sophisticated as zdnet, but I’ve signed up for her e-newsletter (she has four. I had to cancel three of them.  Way too much time to read them all.). In each newsletter I’ve learned something new.

You might also catch the Digital Goddess, as Kim Komando likes to refer to herself, on her syndicated radio program that airs usually on the weekends in the afternoon.  It is a call in show and this is probably the best way to learn this tech stuff passively. 

TIP:  Hey, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t write this, but I know that most people do this, right?  As writers, we save our material every 15 minutes or so.  Instead of printing a hard copy at the end of each writing session, of course you make a back up on a flash drive.  Hard drives do crash!  And so will you, if you lost the only copy of your work.


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