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Sy Safransky

January 25, 2009 1 comment

If you don’t know who Sy Safransky is, don’t feel bad. I didn’t either until a few months ago. As a gift, my husband, always encouraging me to find my path, bought me a subscription to a literary magazine called The Sun.

Sy Safransky is the editor and publisher. Although I am not familiar with the details about how The Sun came to be, I understand that Safransky’s vision was to publish a magazine that mirrors our concerns of the present, without advertising I might add. As a magazine, it is a work of art.

The content is creative, inspirational, and sometimes raw with emotion. Some contributors make you chuckle, as they tell the story of what they hold as truth. Some pull at our heartstrings because injustice runs rampant. And some are just great stories. All are well written and teases the intellectual in all of us. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, we walk away touched by the thought that life represents both black and white elements.

We recognize the human element as reflections of our own lives. The overarching pain and joy resonates in all of us and therefore makes each of these entries powerful.

One can’t help but notice how poignant the black and white photographs are. Each reveals a story, a hidden truth that we must ferret out. The discovery is refreshing and is a tonic for the soul.