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Writing Center

September 16, 2008 1 comment

fortune-cookieAbout 20 years ago, I was searching for a writing group.  I attended one after another, endured endless hours of self aggrandizing, poorly conceived material, and sometimes even worse readings.  Then, for awhile I hooked up with wonderful person, who was travelling down the same path.  We met monthly for about two years.  During that time, we should have, could have produced at least one marketable piece.  Neither one of us met with success. 

I have been keeping a journal.  In my journal amongst all my wishes for my family, I also dreamed  about starting a writing center.  My writing center will have a large fireplace, large leather chairs, the smell of coffee.  In the foyer will be mail cubbies.  The dining room will have a large round table with comfortable high back chairs.  There will be plenty of natural light.  People talking in small clusters.  A workshop is being held in one room upstairs.  Another room has a poetry reading.  In another I hear a writer sharing her life story with others.  There is a small reading room.  And there is a computer room for writing, although the house has wifi. 

The furniture is solid and attractive.  They all have been donated.  The center is open 7 days a week.  A friend has helped me with the interior decoration, which reminds me of Bloomingdale eclectic. I don’t know how I would ever get enough money to start a project this large.

Then, last week I learn that the Frederick Community College will open a new writing center in Fall 2009.  The location is in an old Victorian house.  I’m sure it will not be quite what I envisioned, but I was excited to hear that my vision was materializing.  But wait.  Is that my vision?  How could it  be if it is managed by an institution?

Am I supposed to get involved in the new writing center so that I know what to do to create my own?  Or is this my dream being realized?   Is this synchronicity?