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Writers Never Lose a Word again!

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

In Sex in the City Carrie doesn’t back up her computer and loses all her writing.  We all feel her loss,  because most of us have been crippled by the loss .  Today, you can avoid the misery of resurrecting the software packages and personal files on your computer by backing it up onto servers. 

Two companies that assure you that they will be good stewards of your work are and  Both are easy to install.  Both are hassle free.

The quick run down: is designed for non commercial use.  It is secure.  And best of all, there is a generous FREE basic version.  The FREE version gives you 2 GB, with no setup fee, no credit card information, and no expiration date.  It is virtually hassle free to store documents, photos, etc.

All you do is register to set up the account.  Then, download the software and select the files you wish to upload. uses the same encryption that many banks  do (128 bit SSL).  For unlimited storage capacity, the cost is $4.95 a month…a real bargain for peace of mind.

If you listen to Glenn Beck, you’ll hear him hawk on his radio show.  Unlike, has a free trial for 15 days, whereas will give you the basic package free for as long as you want.  However, just like, the companies both claim they are risk free.  Neither will require a credit card number until you get to know. 

Once the trial period is over, the annual cost for unlimited storage is $54.95.  You can upload music, photos, documents, and videos.  It claims to be safe and secure.  The easy file recovery and the remote file access make it attractive for people on the road.

Mess around with these sites.  See which one works better for you. Let others know your thoughts by commenting below.