Welcome to Open Book

Welcome to Open Book. My name is Cori Chu. Believe it or not, there is another younger, hopefully not more talented, Cori Chu out there somewhere, so I thought I’d snag the domain name first.

Open Book has two goals. One is to share my writing journey.

The second is to share what I know about the more practical aspects of making your writing profitable. For many of us, this topic may be not much more exciting than listening to the clock tick when you could be asleep dreaming dynamic plotlines and memorable characters. However, you have to eat and feed the kids, so the starving artist thing gets tiresome.

There are a lot of great sites and blogs teaching us how to write, but there doesn’t seem a whole lot of information about the more practical aspects of turning your writing into a business. So on that note, I invite all you writers to come join me to share best practices, laugh at our mistakes, and revel in each others’ successes.

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