About Cori

CoriUp until now writing has been more my avocation. (No, it wasn’t my goal to put my passion on the sidelines. It just seemed to work out that way.)

I have written advertising copy for both print and radio, feature articles for local magazines and newspapers (although not too recent), website copy, and lots of promotional letters extolling the best features of both people and things.

However, all I ever wanted to do is write the Great American Novel. (Me and about 50 million other wannabes).

For some reason I remain undaunted by the staggering odds of ever publishing much less writing a blockbuster novel. Publisher Chip MacGregor writes in his blog, ” There were 250,000 new books printed last year (2007) in this country. 19 of them hit the big time.” http://www.chipmacgregor.com/

When I was seventeen, I had a premonition. While pondering my career choices (this search would repeat itself again at ages 27 and 50), I knew two things. One that I would teach on a college level (didn’t have a clue what subject though), and two, I was going to be a novelist. I had long forgotten this revelation until I was faced again at 55 with the question “When ARE you going to write a novel?”

Call it coincidence or fate, but I taught writing for over a decade at a community college. True to the premonition, my career has found new direction and once again I have been bitten by the fiction writing bug.

Why did I wait so long to write? How come I couldn’t write in tandem with whatever else was happening in my life?

Good question. The only answer I can come up with is that the Universe wanted me to have a chance to experience life, so that my plots would have substance and my characters, depth.

Writing for me is a must. However, my work, my creativity doesn’t belong to me. I see it as a convergence of all the people who have touched my life. It is not my story, but really theirs —- for they are the ones that influenced me, shaped my thoughts and provided the rich backdrop from which I pull creativity.

Brief Bio

Childhood home: Tarrytown, NY
Current residence: Maryland

Career Path

Staff Writer for national magazine –McCalls, NY— (great job if you liked working on Christmas topics in July)
Writer/Editor for an international accounting firm –Deloitte, NY — (liked writing for the firm, but there was something lopsided about working in a predominently male environment. This was in the late 70’s when Gloria Steinem banged men’s heads with her feminist rhetoric)
Production Manager for a major NY advertising firm on Pan Am, National Airlines, and Howard Johnson accounts –NW Ayer, NY —(loved working crazy hours and being surrounded by creative people)
Government Copier Sales Rep — Savin Corp, DC— (this was loads of fun selling messy liquid toner when all the competitors had dry toner, but here is where I learned how to sell and market!)
Writing Instructor —Frederick Community College, MD — taught English and writing courses as an adjunct (loved teaching)
Website Writer and Business Researcher for local accounting firm —Ryan and Wetmore, MD — (fast paced environment; incredible learning curve)
Marketing and Business Development Manager for financial planning firm —Moore Wealth Inc, MD — (position suited my skill set)   Freelance writing and editing

AB, English        Cornell University Liberal Arts
MA, Journalism     Penn State University College of Communication

I live with my husband, Bill, and our three children, Matt, Adrienne, and James; a Goldendoodle named Ozzie; two lovebirds and a hermit crab.

——Cori Chu

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