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Off to a Good Start in 2010

January 7, 2010 Leave a comment

I thought I would be more accountable for not finding time to write, if I shared this honesty with the world. As luck would have it, I am no further along than I was a year ago, when I had this great idea.

I am excited to go to a writing class this Saturday. It has been a long time….I know you’ve listened to me whine about my writing groups. However, I think this one will be different. Although the instructor doesn’t write in the same genre, the elements in storytelling are all the same.

Well, wish me good luck. I need to stop horsing around and just sit down and write. Till next time…


Reading is on the Rise

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment

letters-in-book-copy1According to the Herman Trend, reading is making a comeback. Let’s hope so!

In January 2009 we wrote, “We expect this reading trend (Reading on the Rise) to continue to increase, in a small way supporting the United States in its drive for competitiveness”. When we look at the fact that Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon are all still in business and Kindle (the machine that provides books electronically) sales are thriving, it is easy to confirm this forecast. (The Herman Trend)

Where the Writers Are

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

If you are a writer and have not been to, then you are truly missing something.  There are lots of talented writers blogging and putting up sites about their thoughts and new books.  It is where we writers can hang out when we want some moral support…or want to procrastinate because the blank computer screen is just too daunting.

If you are published writer, you too can take out a page in redroom too.  You will have to answer some questions before getting the nod to create your own cyberpage beauty.  Nevertheless, the blogs are pretty good.  I found bloggers on this site  good and every once awhile, like panning for gold, you find a nugget to remind you why you stopped pursuing your writing.        ~~~Cori                              

Book Trends

June 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Some predict that the recent surge in gas prices will force publishing to be more choosey about what they publish.  I’m not tapped in.  Maybe they are already.  We can see the increase in food and clothing prices, but have we noticed an increase in hardbound books?  Paperbacks?

It stands to reason that if delivery costs the booksellers more, then this cost will be passed to the consumer.  Will the consumer be willing to pay $30 to read a first time novelist?  Pretty expensive for an iffy read.

Looming gas prices will pressure people to purchase e-books.  While there is something awkward and less satisfying about reading a book on your computer or  on a handheld telecommunication device, the electronic version is the obvious solution to cost. 

However, I don’t think the pleasure of holding a new book and experiencing the anticipation of delving into a good read will disappear. 

Here’s a thought.  Can you imagine reading a book on a 60″ plasma tv while sitting on the couch and pressing the remote to turn pages?  After all, you could probably adjust the text size, change the font, color and whatever else.  At least you may not have  to look around the house for your glasses.